Now not a student

Sergey Grebennikov | 06/22/2008 @ Personal

You probably noticed that I haven't written anything worthy in a blog for a very long time. There were several reasons for this. The main one is the preparation for the state examination and the defense of the final qualifying work.

Last week, he defended himself and immediately left for work affairs to Kaliningrad, a city that does not surprise at all, but only amazes with its lifelessness in relation to everything.

Diploma defended on "Blogs as a new effective channel of communication with the end user“. Thanks to the supervisor, that she took a risk and approved my topic. In my academy, no one deals with this topic, so there was no one to direct, and even more, to help, direct. Fortunately, I have friends and colleagues who want a special thanks, who endured me all this time when I got them with my questions about blogs and social networks.

Separately, I would like to note for the help by correspondence. Anton Popova, Innu Alekseevu, Alexey Novikov and others. And also for the personal help of colleagues and friends who helped and supported me: Mark M-h, Sergey P., Nana K., Tanya F.., Vladislav F. and many others. Thank you all very much.

I came back and now I will write again regularly on the topic of marketing, advertising and PR.

But do not think, I do not finish my studies on this. In the fall I entered graduate school - already decided. I will continue to study the sociology of the Internet.

Vacancy PR`chika

Sergey Grebennikov | 06/02/2008 @ HR


An ambitious advertising agency needs Man-Steamer - a pr manager of eight hands. We will entrust you with building the company's image on the market, maintaining the corporate spirit, organizing thank-you work with the company's client list, daily smiles of 50 distinguished employees and millions of cups of coffee drunk.

Tasks include: monitoring the market, improving the company's position in ratings, working with specialized media (organizing occasions and access to the company's speaker sites), increasing citation, organizing support for events (festivals, conferences), copywriting (writing texts for the company's website, adapting speaker materials for the general public , preparation of ress-releases), maintaining the style of the company, ensuring intra-corporate relations and ensuring a positive image of existing customers of the company.

Who will you be in a year: a parable in izytsy, you will be talked about by the professionals of the RuNet as the most desired employee, but we will not give you away to anyone, we need HEROES ourselves. We believe that by getting a great product: our agency, know-how, speakers, art directors and crazy cases, you can inspire us all!

Little charms: free work schedule, annual corporate holiday abroad, decent compensation.


GREIP should be in first place among interactive agencies in ACAR rating.

We are interested in: methodology, strategy, demonstration of the approach to the solution. Go for it.

I think that in the first five. Although this task is almost impossible to perform, because part of the festivals has already passed.

You can write to me in the mail, I will redirect your resume, where necessary.

Says only one

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/19/2008 @ Learning to work

What should the press service do when there is a lot of media interest in the company? First of all, clearly identify the "talking heads" who can comment on certain events taking place in the company or sphere.

Easy to say, but harder to implement. I still can not understand how to politely tell someone to keep his mouth shut? Is it necessary to separate those who want to talk from the media?

My opinion, if a person can speak well, but does not occupy a position that allows him to speak from the entire company, this employee should be given the opportunity to write in a blog, as well as be written in podcasts, which will also be posted on a blog or on a corporate portal.

I am sure there is already a solution for this, which I still do not know ...

Ups without drops

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/15/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

High Flight PR
There are books, the release of which you really expect. This was the book Inna Alekseeva и Tatyana Gulyaeva about PR top managers "PR high flight".

Literally before the May holidays, the book came out, and a few days ago I bought it. Already read.

There are a few moments in the book that are really expensive. In general, the book is written in a manner: read and act, because the authors completely abandoned the dry theoretical materials. This, in my opinion, is one of the advantages of the book, since today the theory has been sucked many times, but almost no one has described the actual steps to action. Except, probably, the long-released "PR at 100 percent."

The main point why the book is worth reading is that it is written by authors who have been working in public relations for a long time, working in different positions, have a lot of experience in promoting tops, but this is actually the whole book.

Very pleased that the book is full of vivid comments and comments from the region’s experts and journalists, who certainly know what they need from the tops. By the way, inside the book, even my comment is (to be exact, on page 102). By the way, every comment is an idea how to increase the efficiency of your work.

From the book I found out about new blog Inna and Tatiana on the site, which is an online representative of a company engaged in consulting in the field of marketing and PR top managers. A good idea, in addition to the book, is to organize a structure that can do all that is described in the book.

And further… в "PR high flight" full of facts that few people know. For example, did you know that the 4p complex was proposed not by Philip Kotler, but by Jerome McCartney back in 1960?

I recommend the book especially to those who are not the first year in PR.

Go to “you”: communicate easier and ...

Sergey Grebennikov | 04.24.2008 @ Personal

When I was just starting my career, I thought that with all clients and partners it was necessary to communicate exclusively on “You”. This is, after all, respect and the line between the subordinate and the leader. It was youthful naivety, because I could even communicate with your peers for work on “You”.

Why all this. After almost four years of fruitful and active work, I realized that the sooner you move with a person to “you”, the faster your cooperation progresses. Yesterday on the way home I even considered: Now I actively cooperate and communicate with those with whom I had long ago turned to friendly, or rather, friendly relations. But people who deliberately distanced themselves in communication did not become partners, customers, etc.

Of course, I don’t say that on the first day you have to switch to crony relations and already invite a new colleague / partner to go home for tea or for dinner at a restaurant. After some time, everyone, in theory, himself begins to understand when it is possible to move to more friendly relations.

True, I personally do not like it when people with whom they know 10 minutes begin to “poke”, and it’s not a fact that communication will ever continue.
Plus, there are exceptions when we communicate with people who are much older than ourselves. There can be no exceptions, since respect is paramount.

How are things going with the transition from “you” to “you”? After all, there is a danger that after going to close relationships with partners, you can be under pressure, since it is much easier to influence “friend”.

Content Evolution

Sergey Grebennikov | 04/08/2008 @ My thoughts и Learning to work

 Have you read an article in a magazine or newspaper today? Maybe you watched a video clip on the Internet or got acquainted with new photos of your favorite place in a remote corner of another country?

Now try to remember what you spent less time and get the most information. The world is changing, and with it the provision of information. A couple of years ago, we could not even imagine that it would be possible to easily watch not only full-fledged news stories from the places of events on the Internet, but also upload your own video files that anyone can watch.

You will agree with me that today information is better perceived through video than solid text. I am not talking now about literature and scientific articles. Although today and the literature is published in audio format, and lectures are recorded on video and laid out in the network. We are moving towards the fact that soon almost everything will be submitted to us, not through text documents, but in a visualized format.

I noticed that in newspapers and magazines began to print more photos, giving them priority places, because often all the print media that fall into our hands, are read only by headlines. Only in case the headline hooked us, we are ready to go down below and read, but until it gets boring or distracts the bright picture on another lane.

Analyzing all the above, I would like to once again draw the attention of PR specialists and copywriters to the fact that you don’t need to write press releases on 3 sheets in a slim font (!! and it doesn’t matter what event happened !!).

More about the press releases. I noticed that the releases coming to me are completely devoid of interactivity, in order to find additional information you have to contact the search engine (and this is already too much time). Plus, a journalist or any other person who receives a release in the military can find completely different information that is not believable. Therefore, once again I would like to note that today we live in the era of the information boom; we need to fully supply all outgoing documents with detailed links to additional material, including audio, video, photographic materials.

When content becomes an epidemic ...

Sergey Grebennikov | 03/06/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

I read a book recently “Epidemic content. Social Sector Marketing ». The book was written by two authors: Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba. Their names don't tell me anything, but that's not the point. I decided to read this book only because it was written by representatives of the Western community. I believed that it would be possible to get a new experience, how to build communications in social networks and other Internet communities.

I will say right away, a very double impression of the book. At first, I found there several ideas and thoughts that are close to me in outlook. But then, after yesterday’s meeting with representatives of the Imkhonet portal, I realized that the book, or rather the materials in it, were outdated for at least two years. This is so, by the way.

Now about the book itself and the information that it contains.
The authors start by saying that they unconditionally say that traditional media will never come to an end, but companies should pay attention today to new media, such as blogs, social networks, etc. No wonder, but we have long noticed all this , even then, when the book was published only in English and was not available to us.

In general, the whole book is built on the description of other people's examples of carrying out viral companies on the network, mostly by social marketers (this term is used in the book) by volunteers. The examples include Apple, more precisely its products, the American supermarket, etc.

The book will be useful only to those who decided to remember how it all was. Learning something is unlikely to succeed.

I have such conclusions after reading, if you read and think that I am a little wrong, let's discuss and debate.

P.S. In my opinion, there will be no epidemics of content; in the near future, we will see how all social networks will be divided into so-called social clubs (communities of interest) and expert communities.

More reviews of the book “Content Epidemic”:
- by Anton POPOV

Online communities: there are prospects?

Sergey Grebennikov | 02.26.2008 @ PR Events и Success

Last week, the conference “Internet communities 2008 ″, which was devoted to blogs, social networks and online games. And, of course, all that is associated with the listed services and resources.

It is noteworthy that at the very opening of the event, almost early in the morning, a briefing was held for journalists and all listeners in which representatives of the largest social networks of the Russian Federation participated. The briefing was also a famous blogger. Goblin gagaHowever, a little bit late, so he had to wade through the crowds of people who concentrated around the entrance to the hall, because there were no more vacant places.

In the corridors, many people were annoyed, saying that there was little space, a lot of people and all that. But I think that the number of people only says that the topic of the conference is very, very relevant and everyone is interested in it.

I will not speak about the conference program, because it is on the site and it becomes clear from it who, where, and with what presentation.

True, I want to mention some very informative moments that I remember. This is primarily the presentation of Alexander Pyatigorsky about the project., which bears in itself something special, which I have not yet met. By the way, the project started on this day. I can not fail to note how well the section “Marketing and Internet Communities” Anton Popov, whom many people know about the blog about “Blog to help“. After the end of the section, I was approached by friends and admired. I, unfortunately, not all the section could listen: only the speeches Konstantin Maksimyuk from Beeline, Alena Makova from the myth and Nana Kulikova from

For me, any conference is a meeting with your friends, as well as meeting new interesting people, plus you can add “real acquaintance” to this list. Often, you communicate with many colleagues exclusively through the Internet, but at the conference you can get to know and live, which is very pleasing.

For example, this time he “personally” met Anna Petrova from, Mikhail Gotalsky from, Olga Mukhortova and Alexander Chulkov from the Trinity Consulting Group (it is a pity that Viktor Kopchenkov could not come) and many others.

For me personally, the conference was very, very useful in all respects.

Additional materials:

Professional conference

Sergey Grebennikov | 02.02.2008 @ PR Events

February 21 in Moscow will host a conference “Internet community 2008 ″. The event is dedicated to social networks, blogs and online games. Program The conference is built in three main areas: business, science / practice, technology.

Online Communities 2008

I really hope that the event will bring together industry professionals and everyone who comes will have something to remember and, most importantly, put it into practice. By the way, I will be at the conference, so that I have not seen anyone for a long time, there will be time to discuss the news.

The conference is still possible to register, while there is space.

В blog post Conference can read the notes of the program committee members.

Blog review. results

Sergey Grebennikov | 02.02.2008 @ Success и Personal

In the blog RetailMedia I write on Tuesdays professional blog reviews. After publication my essay на blog about PRwhich is under the office of the editorial office of the journal “Counselor”, I was asked to rework a little for publication in the journal version.

Before the new year, I did it. The result was posted to the network. I liked that my experts and independent experts commented on my assessment and vision of the blog. Thank you so much Sergey Golubovsky, who constructively made comments on the vocabulary of the article. Of course, all the other experts, too, a huge thank you.

By the way, after the publication in the blog the PR Blog began to change: new authors have appeared, and literally today I noticed that Vladimir Ganin himself (the chief editor of “Sovetnik” magazine) also started writing a blog.

P.S. It's great when people react to criticism and do something to change or change for the better.