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Your salvation - a fax

Sergey Grebennikov | 11.24.2007 @ Learning to work и About PR

Fax! Do you often use the fax in your work to send some messages, letters and other documents? In my work I rarely resort to using fax. But its use is always fairly accurate.
Fax - this is not a general e-mail, in which filtering valuable information is simply impossible. The sheet is not very good quality, sometimes with distorted letters necessarily […]

Paid search: analysis of services

Sergey Grebennikov | 11/19/2007 @ Learning to work и About PR

Not so long ago, a colleague wrote material about monitoring systems, about the so-called electronic libraries. It turned out very useful. The full version is published in the journal “Advisor”, but I will allow you to share the main conclusions today.
Probably today it is not necessary to explain why some companies offer for rubles (sometimes cu) to use information. If nevertheless it is necessary, then it is ready to explain in comments.
So, […]

Hide away ... your base of journalists

Sergey Grebennikov | 10.21.2007 @ Learning to work и About PR

A few years ago it was possible that the contact information of a journalist was difficult to find. There were cases that even colleagues in the workshop (familiar PR specialists) did not give the email address of one or another media representative, considering this to be important strategic information.
I myself have not always shared this useful information, considering it to be the property of the company's PR department, […]

My press office or your PR department

Sergey Grebennikov | 05.10.2007 @ About PR

Somehow inspired after yesterday's meeting. On the way home I thought, and what are the functions of the PR department and the press service? Naturally, I will not remember the book on PR, in which the authors talk about the organization of the press service at the enterprise (who needs it, see Chumikov), and describe the functions of each department - and then they will again accuse me of copying in my […]

In an interview

Sergey Grebennikov | 08/23/2007 @ About PR

The other day I was invited to give another interview regarding discounts, sales, various promotions and other marketing tricks to attract customers in the FMCG industry. But I mentioned this earlier.
The journalist offered me to come to our office and talk, another option could be a telephone interview. But I immediately introduced and discussed the question of a meeting [...]

July 28 is the red day of the calendar

Sergey Grebennikov | 07.27.2007 @ About PR и Personal

July 28 (Saturday) 2007 we celebrate the day of a specialist in public relations, as recorded in the All-Russian Classifier of Occupations of Workers, Employees' Positions and Tariff Scores. ;-)
On July 27th I will celebrate this holiday with contests and games with colleagues in the American Grill Bar.
After I share my impressions.

PR instead of sex

Sergey Grebennikov | 07/02/2007 @ About PR

The fashionable phrase public relations (PR) or public relations will soon be at the peak of popularity. Is not it? Admit, does your company have a PR department? Do not be shy, he is. You did not understand for a long time what it is for, but still it was created and is now functioning well.
I will also tell you that this same department [...]