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Umarov about the "truism"

Sergey Grebennikov | 09/02/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

With a certain apprehension, he took into his hands the book “PR handwritten truths” by Mikhail Umarov. I confess that I even intended to buy it several times, but then something stopped. Something is the symbolism of “Beeline” on the cover of the book. There was a clear prejudice that Mikhail Umarov, director of public relations at VimpelCom, would write exclusively about his company.
Naturally, my curiosity served the fact that in the end [...]

Are you selling something? or buy ...

Sergey Grebennikov | 08/19/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

Personally, I have never been engaged in direct sales. But the book, about which they talk a lot and will talk, decided to read. Not so long ago Neal Rekhema's book “SPIN-sales” was published in the publishing house MYTH, which I read with great satisfaction.
I want to note that the beginning of reading the book causes wild boredom (in my opinion), as the author begins to reflect on [...]

Ups without drops

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/15/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

There are books, the release of which you really expect. This was the book of Inna Alekseeva and Tatyana Gulyaeva about PR top-managers “PR of high flight”.
Literally before the May holidays, the book came out, and a few days ago I bought it. Already read.
There are a few moments in the book that are really expensive. In general, the book is written in a manner: read and act, because the authors are completely [...]

When content becomes an epidemic ...

Sergey Grebennikov | 03/06/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

I recently read the book “The Epidemic of Content. Social Sector Marketing. The book was written by two authors: Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba. Their names don't tell me anything, but that's not the point. I decided to read this book only because it was written by representatives of the Western community. I believed that it would be possible to get a new experience, how to build communications in social […]

Every advertiser is also a magician.

Sergey Grebennikov | 01/23/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

At the beginning of the year it will be right to learn a little bit, and then you can hit the road to conquer the advertising Olympus of our time. This is me to the fact that in the New Year holidays there was a time to read smart books. For the second week in a row, on Wednesdays, I write reviews of books that, in my opinion, will be useful to each of us and you.
“The magic of convenience. [...]

Do all connections decide?

Sergey Grebennikov | 01.16.2008 @ Review of prof. literature

Darcy Rezak wrote the book “Connections are everything.” And I managed to listen to it. At first I did not want to waste time on this book, but then I decided. From the written below, you will understand: regret that spent time or vice versa.

At the very beginning of the book, the author introduces us to the main characters of the book, with the most real frogs. Next on the frogs will be given trivial examples, [...]

Do you always make the right decisions?

Sergey Grebennikov | 12/06/2007 @ Review of prof. literature

Probably the most difficult thing that the head of any company or the director of a representative office faces is that you have to make decisions in a working professional environment. Someone succeeds, someone does not know how to say his “no” or “yes” on important issues.

Sometimes one wants to know the answers to all the questions and clearly make management decisions in any situation. [...]

Useful Tools from McKinsey

Sergey Grebennikov | 11.11.2007 @ Review of prof. literature

Once again a fascinating book came into my hands. I admit, it remains to read just a few dozen pages. But now I want to share some useful information from what was found in the book “McKinsey Tools,” authored by Ethan Rosiel and Paul Friga, by the way, former employees of the McKinsey agency.
To begin with, the book will be very, very helpful [...]

She was supposed to be a sequel

Sergey Grebennikov | 10/11/2007 @ Review of prof. literature

Yesterday I looked through the book by Andrei Mamontov “Practical PR. How to become a good PR-manager. Version 2.0 “. In the preface, the author immediately speaks to whom his work is directed (above all, beginners in public relations) and that the book is essentially an augmented version of the famous “100% PR.”
Probably, if I had not worked in the field of public relations, I took a lot of things for granted [...]

Book about blogs by Anton Popov

Sergey Grebennikov | 09/24/2007 @ Review of prof. literature

I think many people know that Anton Popov is writing a book that is dedicated to the blogosphere and will be called “Blogs. A new sphere of influence. ” To be precise, the book has already been written and is at the stage of editorial processing by the publisher.
By the way, I am really looking forward to the release of the book, because now I am writing a diploma on the topic of blogs. Although, I think, I will write my final work, I [...]