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About the importance and reliability

Sergey Grebennikov | 10/19/2007 @ Marketing

Some time ago I changed my hosting provider. The guys worked poorly, despite the fact that they were very, very positive feedback.
I switched to Masterhost, because now we have all the servers in our company. I decided to follow the already proven option. But yesterday I was disappointed in the new guys. They transported their data center, but [...]

Coffee loyalty

Sergey Grebennikov | 08/01/2007 @ Marketing

Tell me, do you often drink delicious, hot and aromatic coffee? I will answer first: “I drink often, for the only reason that I like coffee”.
Why this question? And the fact that one chain of coffee shops launched a loyalty program with the release of cards. Naturally, I got this card and got it “special”, as written on the brochure.
For, […]

What is creative?

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/28/2007 @ Marketing и Management

You did not think that lately we often use the word “creative”. Does everyone know what meaning it carries? Refer to the dictionaries on Yandex:
Creativity is a creative component of the communicative process.
Definition it follows that creativity is an integral part of the process. If the “part” does not meet the expectations of the target audience, then the interaction process itself will not take place, but [...]