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Where to work: in a company or agency?

Sergey Grebennikov | 09/27/2007 @ HR и Management

Where to work? It is also one of the eternal questions, at least for a PR specialist, advertiser, marketer or branding specialist (I will only refer to a PR specialist in the following). Under the question “where?” I understand the company or agency. I am sure that many of them are clearly defined for themselves. Although ... as they say, do not tell the gop until you jump over. Different and happy things happen in our vain life […]

When you want to buy!

Sergey Grebennikov | 08.03.2007 @ HR и Personal

Again, and maybe again ... they wanted to buy me. It was yesterday.
After that, when they write to you with the next job offer, they put it a little uneasy. Or rather, a very double impression about oneself (this time) and about the company in which you work (two). But there is, of course, a pleasant sediment. ;-)
What to do when you are offered a salary [...]

Why there is no desire to work there !?

Sergey Grebennikov | 07.18.2007 @ Learning to work и HR

My friends often tell me that they will leave at the first opportunity to live and work abroad. Motivation is completely unreasonable and has no direct arguments. They say that in Russia is bad. In my opinion today we can not, and should not say that in our country it is bad.
After my vacation, I decided for myself [...]

Blog - the work of the elect

Sergey Grebennikov | 06.14.2007 @ HR и Management

To the conclusion that the blog - the work of the elect came not so long ago. I did not even want to believe that this was true. It all started with the very idea of ​​launching a corporate blog and its implementation. At the request of something to help - received, as a rule, indignation about a stupid (sorry) idea. Fortunately the enthusiasm of a number of colleagues above the negative.
Interest data was obtained in the course of [...]

Staff hunger, or how to find an employee

Sergey Grebennikov | 05.24.2007 @ HR и Personal

Probably, I will never forget the phrase I heard several years ago in the spacious corridor of my university (now the academy). The teacher told the student: “Misha, there are a lot of specialists, but there are very few professionals!” Who will not agree with this?
Now practically in any company there are open positions in various divisions. My company is no exception. Placement of vacancies on the leading recruiting Internet resource […]