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Last week I received a hefty email in English. I put it in the “disassemble” folder and at the weekend decided to read it. The story is very tragic, but first things first.

Our fellow citizens, including representatives from neighboring countries in the early 1990s, went to the United States of America in search of happiness and well-being. Someone even managed to translate their desires and dreams into reality. Dovlatov, too, once believed in democracy ...

Returning to the letter ...

The recipient, a Vadim Vasilenko, a citizen of Ukraine in 1992, came to the United States to organize his business. First, everything is on the planned path, the company that provided financial services only increased turnover. But after the customers were given the opportunity to work with electronic money, except plastic, threats came down from the side of the government. The reason was the disclosure of personal data in the network. And this is in the USA, where democracy rules and man is the main idol. It turns out that this is not the case when, in addition to the constitution, there is also an order of the state.

At the moment in America and many other countries where the development of the Internet is a universal phenomenon, there are special departments in the FBI and other bodies that conduct investigations in the “electronic world”. If there are departments, then there must be criminals, if there are no criminals, then they need to be criminals to do something.

Here is what Vadim writes:

... I worked with new payment tools such as digital currencies. And provided liquidity for the end user, buying a particular currency in advance, i.e. what banks have been doing for centuries. My decision making style has been influenced by a particular work culture on the Internet. A culture of self-regulation of relationships, a culture of hope only for oneself and making risky and bold decisions.

Practical monopolization of Visa and Mastercard companies of the market of payments from consumer to business, as well as their attempt to accept the status quo and refrain from developing 100% secure and payment tools specifically targeted at the ruthless realities of doing business on the Internet, leading the US to the current personal data protection crisis and my business to destruction.

Visa and Mastercard hypocritically plays the role of an unfortunate victim, completely refusing to bear financial responsibility for the lack of reliability of their goods. A product that has not been practically improved and developed since its invention 40 years ago ...

In order to fix the profitability of a business, Visa and MasterCard, under the terms of the contract, prohibits businesses from advertising lower prices for goods and services if alternative payment instruments are used for payment. In the event that Visa Mastrekard finds out that advertising of lower prices takes place, Visa Mastercard simply cancels the relationship with the business, which means instant bankruptcy for most firms.

At the moment, for the use of new and universal electronic payment systems, Vadim is arrested and what will happen to his business is also not clear. Probably be ruined.

In Russia, they are also actively discussing the problem of protecting personal data. Scary to imagineif we follow the path of highly developed countries and begin to condemn those who use innovative methods of work on the Internet.

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  1. Olga:

    Strange story. Rather, not strange, but instructive. The order has long existed and will always be where there is a strong state machine. Whether in the Russian Federation or in the United States. The myth of democracy is strong only when you do not stick out of the mechanism.
    But the problem is not this. From the point of view of EPS, we are a highly developed country, and if we adopt the pro-banking legislation of the US or Europe (the latter do not take into account that mobile operators can be effective players for this market user), then we will be discarded 10-20 years ago.
    The visa and MasterCard were really created when no one believed in the Internet and only geniuses and the best of the military thought about it, I guess. But all the risks of using plastic in the network, these monopolies are shifted to the shoulders of users.

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