And they counted me :-)

Roman Maslennikov has published compilation “Who is who: PR specialists in Livelournal and other blogs“.

Among the entire list there are many friends, and even very close ones. The list is permanently updated, everyone can make their own contribution to the objective and freshness of the list.

Thanks for the link Inne.

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  1. Roman Maslennikov:

    I will update once a quarter.
    The list is impressive, I agree :-) And valuable.

  2. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Novel, if possible I will pop the information.

  3. Natalia Chanysheva:

    You will not believe it - I am so glad that most of these people are strangers to me :) And that I also know as many very sane pros, from whose blog you can’t guess that they are media people or PR people :)

  4. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Natasha, fortunately, I also know a LOT of those who are not on this list.
    A lot of good people.

    On Monday, by the way, is a PR day. Will you celebrate this day?

  5. Natalia Chanysheva:

    What monday? Which has already passed? ))) I am not proud of my profession. And all these lists, in general, I do not like. And from the Advisor I lost my passwords a few years ago, and mailings come to me like that)))

  6. Sergey Grebennikov:

    I do not even read the adviser, even though I published it several times.

    Monday is the one that will be!
    July 28th. Making party in denim format. I'll send you a detailed info later.

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