Third generation presentations

A few days ago I was invited to a press lunch at the company. ”Mercator“, Over a cup of coffee or tea (to someone like that) in a close circle of journalists, general director Andrei Skvortsov told about the new product.

After a brief insight into the history of the birth of infographics with examples of maps of the 13th century and the historical charts of Charles Mynadra (19th century), Mr. Skvortsov spoke about the development and flourishing of modern infographics on television. It was an opportunity to compare recent works for domestic channels with the very first infographic samples on Russian TV, created by Mercator in the mid-1990s.

The culmination of the meeting was the demonstration of a new product of the company - StatViz - A system for automatically updating information graphics based on previously created templates. According to André, the program brings a lot of new and creative into the creation of presentations, annual reports and other things. The product as a presentation “grew” from the developments for TV. Therefore, the era of “death” presentations “on the knee” is coming.

On the big screen, everything looks great, but everything seems simple at first glance. In order to create a presentation, you need a certain software, but in order to demonstrate a presentation, you also need special software. In this regard, there is a lot of difficulties that are currently virtually unsolvable. The only option - exporting a finished presentation to a video format (in this situation, the meaning of developing a multi-functional presentation is lost, because the video does not reproduce everything).

In connection with all this, the output - powerpoint and KeyNote will be live, because these programs allow each of us to create presentations, even though sometimes we render many errors when rendering text. But there are mistakes to learn from them.

If someone has not seen the presentation “Death through a power point” by Alexey Kapterev, I recommend to look at:

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  1. garderobshik:

    His presentation is extremely boring. It explains everything…

  2. Yevgeny Boyko:

    The best presentation is the one that was not shown.

  3. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Right aphorisms solid. :-)

  4. Natalia Chanysheva:

    I hate PP! And I hate to make presentations. A bunch of slides. It is much easier to tell and captivate.

  5. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Natasha, well, in order to captivate - you must have charisma, not everyone has this, so you have to show pictures on the screen so that at least somehow it is fun.

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