“Cadre hunger” with their own hands

Dedicated to “hunger” in business

“The acute problem in the industry is personnel hunger,” every first employer exclaims and is deeply mistaken in his convictions. There is no personnel hunger, there are not enough qualified specialists with work experience - there is one.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate in the country who are willing to work, although the level of education does not always correspond adequately with the required amount of compensation. According to my data (actually conducted the study in 2006 manually), the student at the end of the university wants to receive 30-40 tr. (This is data for 2006). Today, the number of desires is not particularly increased, but still overestimated.

At present demand for vacancies exceeds supply. There are no exact figures, unfortunately.

What is the reason for such a high “cost” of a student?Graduates are guided by the level of wages of managers who have been working not for the first year and have a huge store of knowledge and experience. And when the company urgently needs an employee, the employer is ready to make sacrifices and establish compensation that does not correspond to the qualifications. Such an approach leads to the fact that a trend is emerging in the market: “it doesn’t matter what I can do, it’s important that you cannot do without me”. It turns out that we ourselves cultivate a field that we cannot process.

It should be concluded - there are frames, there is not enough money to satisfy their appetites. Once at the interview I asked how much I was willing to pay if I did agree to the offer. The answer surprised me: “Yes, as many as you like, the main thing is that you come to us. At least $ 10,000. It is striking that the company has the entire fund s / n at that time did not make such an amount. Personnel officers, calling promising numbers in ads - are deceiving (as often happens) and creates a trend of the level of compensation, below which no one goes down.

So let's think before reporting on high salary and the absence of applicants who are ready to take this or that position.

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