Now not a student

You probably noticed that I haven't written anything worthy in a blog for a very long time. There were several reasons for this. The main one is the preparation for the state examination and the defense of the final qualifying work.

Last week, he defended himself and immediately left for work affairs to Kaliningrad, a city that does not surprise at all, but only amazes with its lifelessness in relation to everything.

Diploma defended on "Blogs as a new effective channel of communication with the end user“. Thanks to the supervisor, that she took a risk and approved my topic. In my academy, no one deals with this topic, so there was no one to direct, and even more, to help, direct. Fortunately, I have friends and colleagues who want a special thanks, who endured me all this time when I got them with my questions about blogs and social networks.

Separately, I would like to note for the help by correspondence. Anton Popova, Innu Alekseevu, Alexey Novikov and others. And also for the personal help of colleagues and friends who helped and supported me: Mark M-h, Sergey P., Nana K., Tanya F.., Vladislav F. and many others. Thank you all very much.

I came back and now I will write again regularly on the topic of marketing, advertising and PR.

But do not think, I do not finish my studies on this. In the fall I entered graduate school - already decided. I will continue to study the sociology of the Internet.

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  1. Konstantin:

    Sergey, congratulations! With such assistants as Popov, Alekseeva and Novikov, you are simply doomed to a successful diploma =)
    And about the Internet. With sooooo great care to everything new in education are.
    In general, congratulations again!

  2. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Konstantin, thank you!
    I have good teachers who believed that I would be able to prepare a decent job - it worked.

  3. Konstantin:

    Sergey, do you study in Moscow? What university?

  4. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Yes of course)
    Already finished because :-)

    University - International Academy of Business and Management.

  5. Konstantin:

    Thank! It will be the third university in mind. I am going to Moscow, interested in universities, which give real knowledge.

  6. another:

    Congratulations on your protection! :) When is the job change? :)

  7. Anton Popov:

    Sergey, hurray! An important stage passed. The fun begins :)

  8. SeMan:

    My sincere congratulations!

  9. Misha:

    Well done! Not many would dare to do non-standard work ...

  10. Sergey Grebennikov:

    Konstantin, real knowledge can only be obtained independently, the university can only be a springboard for implementation.

    Inna, thank you. Honestly, I'm not going to, now a bunch of projects and ideas that need to be implemented. Forgive me…

    Anton, thank you very much. True, I have long been interesting. If it were not for the work, I'm not sure that I could write a practical diploma.

    SeMan, Misha - thank you.

  11. Konstantin:

    Sergey, by itself. Only self-education. In my blog I wrote a post about the books that I read and use. Practical knowledge is also decent.
    But I'm talking about the university, in which they would really be taught and given to express their knowledge in practice, rather than dictate the material and sent home. That is, I am looking for a place where it is most profitable to invest time, since in response, I want to get some skills.
    You correctly noted that a university can serve as a platform for self-realization as an addition to self-education.

  12. Catherine:

    Congratulations on your graduation! :) Anyway, this is an important step. Despite the constant self-education ...

  13. war:

    Congratulations on your protection! I remember when I defended myself — I couldn’t eat anything, it was hard to smother — such a fig state. I defended myself - and let it go. Good luck in your further studies!

  14. another:

    I meant that usually with a diploma a person changes jobs, and not to us at all :).

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