Vacancy PR`chika


An ambitious advertising agency needs Man-Steamer - a pr manager of eight hands. We will entrust you with building the company's image on the market, maintaining the corporate spirit, organizing thank-you work with the company's client list, daily smiles of 50 distinguished employees and millions of cups of coffee drunk.

Tasks include: monitoring the market, improving the company's position in ratings, working with specialized media (organizing occasions and access to the company's speaker sites), increasing citation, organizing support for events (festivals, conferences), copywriting (writing texts for the company's website, adapting speaker materials for the general public , preparation of ress-releases), maintaining the style of the company, ensuring intra-corporate relations and ensuring a positive image of existing customers of the company.

Who will you be in a year: a parable in izytsy, you will be talked about by the professionals of the RuNet as the most desired employee, but we will not give you away to anyone, we need HEROES ourselves. We believe that by getting a great product: our agency, know-how, speakers, art directors and crazy cases, you can inspire us all!

Little charms: free work schedule, annual corporate holiday abroad, decent compensation.


GREIP should be in first place among interactive agencies in ACAR rating.

We are interested in: methodology, strategy, demonstration of the approach to the solution. Go for it.

I think that in the first five. Although this task is almost impossible to perform, because part of the festivals has already passed.

You can write to me in the mail, I will redirect your resume, where necessary.

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