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Go to “you”: communicate easier and ...

Sergey Grebennikov | 04.24.2008 @ Personal

When I was just starting my career, I thought that with all clients and partners it was necessary to communicate exclusively on “You”. This is, after all, respect and the line between the subordinate and the leader. It was youthful naivety, because I could even communicate with your peers for work on “You”.
Why all this. After almost four years of fruitful and active work […]

Content Evolution

Sergey Grebennikov | 04/08/2008 @ My thoughts и Learning to work

Have you read an article in a magazine or newspaper today? Maybe you watched a video clip on the Internet or got acquainted with new photos of your favorite place in a remote corner of another country?
Now try to remember what you spent less time and get the most information. The world is changing, and with it the provision of information. A couple of years ago we [...]