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Ability to refuse

Sergey Grebennikov | 11/29/2007 @ Learning to work

Do you refuse to reporters and partners?

At major events and, most importantly, significant, an enormous number of journalists are trying to be accredited, not necessarily even working in specialized publications. To invite only those who need (write on the subject of the event), in the terms of accreditation usually indicate how many people will be allowed from each publication. As a rule, it is 1-2 people. Not always, of course, understand. It comes in [...]

Your salvation - a fax

Sergey Grebennikov | 11.24.2007 @ Learning to work и About PR

Fax! Do you often use fax in your work to send some messages, letters and other documents? In my work I rarely resort to using fax. But its use is always fairly accurate.
Fax - this is not a general e-mail, in which filtering valuable information is simply unrealistic. The sheet is not very good quality, sometimes with distorted letters necessarily […]

Paid search: analysis of services

Sergey Grebennikov | 11/19/2007 @ Learning to work и About PR

Not so long ago, a colleague wrote material about monitoring systems, about so-called electronic libraries. It turned out very useful. The full version is published in the journal “Advisor”, but I will allow you to share the main conclusions today.
Probably today it is not necessary to explain why some companies offer for rubles (sometimes cu) to use information. If nevertheless it is necessary, then it is ready to explain in comments.
So, […]

Over the weekend - about work and criticism

Sergey Grebennikov | 11.11.2007 @ Bug work

It was finally possible to select a few hours today to communicate with friends. The last month was hyperactive: a lot of work, new projects, a lot of interesting and useful events. Even close friends began to take offense at me, that they completely ceased to see and discuss vital working moments. I promise to fix it.
I will return to today's meeting. Naturally, after everyone exchanged the latest news: family, children, plans […]

Useful Tools from McKinsey

Sergey Grebennikov | 11.11.2007 @ Review of prof. literature

Once again a fascinating book came into my hands. I admit, it remains to read just a few dozen pages. But now I want to share some useful information from what was found in the book “McKinsey Tools,” authored by Ethan Rosiel and Paul Friga, by the way, former employees of the McKinsey agency.
To begin with, the book will be very, very helpful [...]