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Sergey Grebennikov | 05/31/2007 @ Personal

Dear visitors!
I apologize that the site is formatted from time to time. I can not find a topic that would be most relevant to the concept of this resource. Plus, I still need to understand the basics of page layout.
I hope for your understanding. By the way, how do you like the new design! I think that I will leave this one, just a little need to design it.

What is creative?

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/28/2007 @ Marketing и Management

You did not think that lately we often use the word “creative”. Does everyone know what meaning it carries? Refer to the dictionaries on Yandex:
Creativity is a creative component of the communicative process.
Definition it follows that creativity is an integral part of the process. If the “part” does not meet the expectations of the target audience, then the interaction process itself will not take place, but [...]


Sergey Grebennikov | 05.05.2007 @ Personal

Weekends are coming, which, as a rule, also take place in work, school and other concerns. I prefer to read - it calms and charges with new ideas. Often you want to read exactly the literature that will be very useful from different points of view. Today I decided to open a new section on PR Every day, which is dedicated to my hobby, reading. I read [...]

Staff hunger, or how to find an employee

Sergey Grebennikov | 05.24.2007 @ HR и Personal

Probably, I will never forget the phrase I heard several years ago in the spacious corridor of my university (now the academy). The teacher told the student: “Misha, there are a lot of specialists, but there are very few professionals!” Who will not agree with this?
Now practically in any company there are open positions in various divisions. My company is no exception. Placement of vacancies on the leading recruiting Internet resource […]

Company blog

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/23/2007 @ the Internet и Management

Blogs are the future. For example, on the LiveJournal corporate blog, it’s completely undignified to keep you from talking about the mass attendance of this resource. Even the Russian-language LiveJournal, launched not so long ago by Soup, does not inspire me at all. The sounded services, more likely, are intended for maintaining only a personal diary or just for notes, but no more. For the company's blog [...]

Here, here, there

Sergey Grebennikov | 05.22.2007 @ the Internet и Management

Hyperlinks are a great tool for “reviving” any material. The method of hyperlinks has been used for a long time, we constantly use it ourselves in life when we say that this information can be found in a particular place (we refer to a source already known to us). The same method is used in the library, in books (footnotes) and other household items.
But today I [...]

To be in the skin

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/21/2007 @ Personal и Management

What is it like to be a specialist in public relations, competent, able to find compromises, and most importantly with an iron character? To work in this specialty, as well as for all the rest, is not easy. But for me personally, work brings great pleasure, despite permanent fatigue from the fact that one constantly has to think not so much about work, as about a profession. Us (specialists in the field [...]

The first

Sergey Grebennikov | 05.05.2007 @ Personal

As promised on my old blog, I am now starting to run a more functional and relevant blog. I hope many of the topics discussed here will be useful both for professional growth and for self-development in all respects.
The design will probably change. So far, nothing worthy of the network could not find. I am pleased to hear your comments and suggestions regarding the PR Every [...] website.