Runner valued at $ 140 million

Sergey Grebennikov | 07/18/2008 @ Management

“Today the company Google Inc. announces the signing of an agreement with Rambler Media about the acquisition ZAO Begun - the leading service of contextual advertising in Russia - for 140 million US dollars ”- reports SeoNews. Information in all sources confirmed.

Very good. Google finally comes to Russia. I wonder when to expect a real fight between Yandex and Google? Hmm ... who will win?


Yandex already unsubscribed in his corporate blog about deal of the year (as it will be called later, if, of course, it does not happen that by the end of the year Google will cut off the whole Rambler). It seems to me that our bluffs do not see danger in what is happening.

Monopoly plastic

Sergey Grebennikov | 07/14/2008 @ My thoughts

Last week I received a hefty email in English. I put it in the “disassemble” folder and at the weekend decided to read it. The story is very tragic, but first things first.

Our fellow citizens, including representatives from neighboring countries in the early 1990s, went to the United States of America in search of happiness and well-being. Someone even managed to translate their desires and dreams into reality. Dovlatov, too, once believed in democracy ...

Returning to the letter ...

The recipient, a Vadim Vasilenko, a citizen of Ukraine in 1992, came to the United States to organize his business. First, everything is on the planned path, the company that provided financial services only increased turnover. But after the customers were given the opportunity to work with electronic money, except plastic, threats came down from the side of the government. The reason was the disclosure of personal data in the network. And this is in the USA, where democracy rules and man is the main idol. It turns out that this is not the case when, in addition to the constitution, there is also an order of the state.

At the moment in America and many other countries where the development of the Internet is a universal phenomenon, there are special departments in the FBI and other bodies that conduct investigations in the “electronic world”. If there are departments, then there must be criminals, if there are no criminals, then they need to be criminals to do something.

Here is what Vadim writes:

... I worked with new payment tools such as digital currencies. And provided liquidity for the end user, buying a particular currency in advance, i.e. what banks have been doing for centuries. My decision making style has been influenced by a particular work culture on the Internet. A culture of self-regulation of relationships, a culture of hope only for oneself and making risky and bold decisions.

Practical monopolization of Visa and Mastercard companies of the market of payments from consumer to business, as well as their attempt to accept the status quo and refrain from developing 100% secure and payment tools specifically targeted at the ruthless realities of doing business on the Internet, leading the US to the current personal data protection crisis and my business to destruction.

Visa and Mastercard hypocritically plays the role of an unfortunate victim, completely refusing to bear financial responsibility for the lack of reliability of their goods. A product that has not been practically improved and developed since its invention 40 years ago ...

In order to fix the profitability of a business, Visa and MasterCard, under the terms of the contract, prohibits businesses from advertising lower prices for goods and services if alternative payment instruments are used for payment. In the event that Visa Mastrekard finds out that advertising of lower prices takes place, Visa Mastercard simply cancels the relationship with the business, which means instant bankruptcy for most firms.

At the moment, for the use of new and universal electronic payment systems, Vadim is arrested and what will happen to his business is also not clear. Probably be ruined.

In Russia, they are also actively discussing the problem of protecting personal data. Scary to imagineif we follow the path of highly developed countries and begin to condemn those who use innovative methods of work on the Internet.

Additional Information:


And they counted me :-)

Sergey Grebennikov | 07/12/2008 @ Links

Roman Maslennikov has published compilation “Who is who: PR specialists in Livelournal and other blogs“.

Among the entire list there are many friends, and even very close ones. The list is permanently updated, everyone can make their own contribution to the objective and freshness of the list.

Thanks for the link Inne.

Third generation presentations

Sergey Grebennikov | 07/11/2008 @ Learning to work

A few days ago I was invited to a press lunch at the company. ”Mercator“, Over a cup of coffee or tea (to someone like that) in a close circle of journalists, general director Andrei Skvortsov told about the new product.

After a brief insight into the history of the birth of infographics with examples of maps of the 13th century and the historical charts of Charles Mynadra (19th century), Mr. Skvortsov spoke about the development and flourishing of modern infographics on television. It was an opportunity to compare recent works for domestic channels with the very first infographic samples on Russian TV, created by Mercator in the mid-1990s.

The culmination of the meeting was the demonstration of a new product of the company - StatViz - A system for automatically updating information graphics based on previously created templates. According to André, the program brings a lot of new and creative into the creation of presentations, annual reports and other things. The product as a presentation “grew” from the developments for TV. Therefore, the era of “death” presentations “on the knee” is coming.

On the big screen, everything looks great, but everything seems simple at first glance. In order to create a presentation, you need a certain software, but in order to demonstrate a presentation, you also need special software. In this regard, there is a lot of difficulties that are currently virtually unsolvable. The only option - exporting a finished presentation to a video format (in this situation, the meaning of developing a multi-functional presentation is lost, because the video does not reproduce everything).

In connection with all this, the output - powerpoint and KeyNote will be live, because these programs allow each of us to create presentations, even though sometimes we render many errors when rendering text. But there are mistakes to learn from them.

If someone has not seen the presentation “Death through a power point” by Alexey Kapterev, I recommend to look at:

Teamwork: truism

Sergey Grebennikov | 07/07/2008 @ Management

When I am told about teamwork in a company or a project, I take this with caution. I have not yet met in my professional life an ideal team, well, at least aspiring to this. The most amazing thing is that due to the joint work only 2-3 people from the team believe. The rest of them pretend or, on the contrary, oppose working together. What are the causes of this phenomenon?

Scientists psychologists have long explained to us that there are different types of characters: melancholic, choleric, sanguine, and phlegmatic. Each of of them We have different attitudes towards the world around us, colleagues, work, and even ourselves. There are also individuals who, by definition, cannot work in a team - these are people who are capable of performing mechanical work, without requiring the intervention of colleagues from outside. Sometimes it happens when a non-team player gets into a management position and tries to take over ALL and DIRECTLY. At that moment, the rest of the staff starts to boil because they have to deal with any issue. to consult take permission from the principal. Delegation of authority is out of the question. As a result, the team or company loses MAIN THING - FLEXIBILITY.

I believe that the main thing in teamwork is the flexibility of each structural unit; only then can we talk about agility and decent work with colleagues from other companies and partners. How to achieve this flexibility? It will arise only when each of the employees respect each other as a specialist, and appreciate the time of each.

I noticed that conflicts often arise in a team, when the level of professionalism varies considerably. It is better to organize two teams, where one will be weaker than to unite employees - the efficiency will be much higher. This is my opinion, of course. Does someone think otherwise?

“Cadre hunger” with their own hands

Sergey Grebennikov | 06.26.2008 @ HR

Dedicated to “hunger” in business

“The acute problem in the industry is personnel hunger,” every first employer exclaims and is deeply mistaken in his convictions. There is no personnel hunger, there are not enough qualified specialists with work experience - there is one.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students graduate in the country who are willing to work, although the level of education does not always correspond adequately with the required amount of compensation. According to my data (actually conducted the study in 2006 manually), the student at the end of the university wants to receive 30-40 tr. (This is data for 2006). Today, the number of desires is not particularly increased, but still overestimated.

At present demand for vacancies exceeds supply. There are no exact figures, unfortunately.

What is the reason for such a high “cost” of a student?Graduates are guided by the level of wages of managers who have been working not for the first year and have a huge store of knowledge and experience. And when the company urgently needs an employee, the employer is ready to make sacrifices and establish compensation that does not correspond to the qualifications. Such an approach leads to the fact that a trend is emerging in the market: “it doesn’t matter what I can do, it’s important that you cannot do without me”. It turns out that we ourselves cultivate a field that we cannot process.

It should be concluded - there are frames, there is not enough money to satisfy their appetites. Once at the interview I asked how much I was willing to pay if I did agree to the offer. The answer surprised me: “Yes, as many as you like, the main thing is that you come to us. At least $ 10,000. It is striking that the company has the entire fund s / n at that time did not make such an amount. Personnel officers, calling promising numbers in the ads - cheat (as often happens) and creates a trend level of compensation, below which no one goes down.

So let's think before reporting on high salary and the absence of applicants who are ready to take this or that position.

Now not a student

Sergey Grebennikov | 06/22/2008 @ Personal

You probably noticed that I haven't written anything worthy in a blog for a very long time. There were several reasons for this. The main one is the preparation for the state examination and the defense of the final qualifying work.

Last week, he defended himself and immediately left for work affairs to Kaliningrad, a city that does not surprise at all, but only amazes with its lifelessness in relation to everything.

Diploma defended on "Blogs as a new effective channel of communication with the end user“. Thanks to the supervisor, that she took a risk and approved my topic. In my academy, no one deals with this topic, so there was no one to direct, and even more, to help, direct. Fortunately, I have friends and colleagues who want a special thanks, who endured me all this time when I got them with my questions about blogs and social networks.

Separately, I would like to note for the help by correspondence. Anton Popova, Innu Alekseevu, Alexey Novikov and others. And also for the personal help of colleagues and friends who helped and supported me: Mark M-h, Sergey P., Nana K., ., Says only oneSergey Grebennikov | 05/19/2008 @

Learning to work

What should the press service do when there is a lot of media interest in the company? First of all, clearly identify the "talking heads" who can comment on certain events taking place in the company or sphere.

My opinion, if a person can speak well, but does not occupy a position that allows him to speak from the entire company, this employee should be given the opportunity to write in a blog, as well as be written in podcasts, which will also be posted on a blog or on a corporate portal.

I am sure there is already a solution for this, which I still do not know ...HR

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Ups without drops

Sergey Grebennikov | 05/15/2008 @ Review of prof. literature

There are books, the release of which you really expect. This was the book Inna Alekseeva

Tatyana Gulyaeva about PR top managers

"PR high flight"

Literally before the May holidays, the book came out, and a few days ago I bought it. Already read. There are a few moments in the book that are really expensive. In general, the book is written in a manner: read and act, because the authors completely abandoned the dry theoretical materials. This, in my opinion, is one of the advantages of the book, since today the theory has been sucked many times, but almost no one has described the actual steps to action. Except, probably, the long-released "PR at 100 percent.".

The main point why the book is worth reading is that it is written by authors who have been working in public relations for a long time, working in different positions, have a lot of experience in promoting tops, but this is actually the whole book. Very pleased

that the book is full of vivid comments and comments from the region’s experts and journalists, who certainly know what they need from the tops. By the way, inside the book, even my comment is (to be exact, on page 102). By the way, every comment is an idea how to increase the efficiency of your work.

From the book I found out about

Inna and Tatiana on the site

And further…"PR high flight"

full of facts that few people know. For example, did you know that the 4p complex was proposed not by Philip Kotler, but by Jerome McCartney back in 1960?

I recommend the book especially to those who are not the first year in PR.

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